Namibian Experience

Namibia, what a beautiful country. I heard this a lot on my recent visit to Namibia and I could not agree more. Its beauty is derived, uncommonly, from the stark harshness of this country. Dry and barren, it exudes peace and tranquillity as you stand in awe of the wide, untouched and open spaces. It is not often that you find a place where you can stand in the middle of no-where and know that you are absolutely and whole heatedly alone. No cars of people in sight for hundreds of kilometres. Just you and nature.


Traveling along the long roads, it amazed me to see the many changes of scenic beauty. One moment you are in the dry desert area, the next you are surrounded by lush, green Mopane trees. Blink again and you are in the middle of a rocky landscape. It truly is a country that is still in touch with its ancient roots and what a breath of fresh air it is to experience this depth and richness of this vast, stunning country. A true heaven for those looking for a close-to-nature adventure.

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