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South Africa

This land promises the visitor “A World In One Country“

A World In One Country

South Africa

South Africa, incomparable in diversity and a “melting pot” of cultures, can be considered one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

This land promises the visitor “A World In One Country“; and which brings us to the point of what excites us most about South Africa:

Breathtaking landscapes; towering mountains and stunning passes; pristine and ever-expanding wildlife; beautiful nature reserves; unspoilt beaches; exciting animal encounters; the unbelievable sunsets and boundless night skies; exotic smells; culinary delights; pulsating cities and the legendary hospitality!

The country occupies an area nearly three times that of California. South Africa is characterised by a diversity of geographical and climatic regions: be it the semi-desert in the Karoo to the lush, sub-tropical KwaZulu-Natal coast; the mild climate in the scenic Cape or the African Bush in the Mpumalanga area, world-famous for its fantastic Big Five game-viewing.

According to the latest surveys, Cape Town and South Africa have been rated as one of the top five destinations in the world (and climbing!) that one should visit.

A world in one country

South Africa

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