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Tailormade Travel

It is our passion to plan and develop your special and unique dream holiday

tailormade travel

Our Speciality

The THAT’S AFRICA Team specializes in tailormade tours. It is our passion to plan and develop your special and unique dream holiday, as no run-of-the-mill package is good enough for you!

Are you thinking of a self-drive tour with a rental car or a private tour with an experienced tourguide, are you looking for a small guest house or an exclusive safari lodge, adventure or wellness, a golf trip or a gourmet holiday, we are sure to have the ideas and recommended routes that will spark your interest and enthusiasm – honeymoon – and wedding anniversaries included!

Wanting to travel to Southern Africa with your children and not sure of the next steps, we will compile the ideal family-friendly itinerary, ensuring excitement and relaxation throughout your family’s journey.

All the tailormade trips are compiled according to your wishes, budget and time restraints. No two trips are ever the same as countless alternatives and combinations are possible, such as a bush holiday in South Africa, combined with a beach holiday on a private island off the coast of Mozambique.

While you are enjoying your Africa trip, we continuously work behind the scenes to ensure your expectations are met and ideally exceeded!

Bon Voyage!

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