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feel re-connected with your soul

Awaken Your Emotions & Senses


Namibia in its bizarre and surreal appearance is often found hard to be described. Mystical might be a good word!

You may ask what is beautiful about a desert, a wild and deserted coastline, virtually barren mountain chains and endless open spaces. However up close, one stands in awe of the dune landscapes, the amazing contrasts and the feeling of a time gone by!

The Namib, the oldest desert with the highest dunes in the world, appears to know no limits and stretches endlessly as an ochre-coloured hill-and-dale landscape over the horizon. A visit to the Himba tribe and the unique game parks such as the Etosha National Park, or a breathtaking hot air balloon flight over the desert near Sossusvlei, are but some of the highlights that will captivate your heart!

Travelling through Namibia awakens your emotions and senses – colours become brighter, smells more intense and your taste more appreciative. Your sixth sense finds its mystical home and above all, you feel re-connected with your soul!

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