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a largely untouched paradise along the Indian Ocean

Untouched Paradise


Mozambique, a still largely untouched paradise along the Indian Ocean, is a country full of fascinating landscapes: 2700 km of pristine white beaches; traditional villages spiced with a Mediterranean flavour and stylish hotels in the harbour and capital city – Maputo. Fado-songs and delightful seafood still remain of the Portuguese colonial times gone by.

The endless palm-fringed coastline is washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and graced with long, white beaches; excellent coral reefs and strings of pristine islands.

These islands offer an exclusive tropical getaway, with shaded beaches, a marine park and outstanding diving and snorkelling opportunities.

Chic resort hotels and lodges offer a paradise of swimming in crystal-clear, turquoise water, scuba-diving, deep sea fishing and relaxing. Dive into a magical world of rare sea turtles and dugongs, dolphins, whales, whale-sharks and Manta ray… this too is Africa!

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