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Our hearts lie in Africa

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Africa Has Our Heart

With so much choice the lovely continent of Africa has to offer it can be very hard for travellers to decide on a destination. Here you will find some more information on the different countries that will hopefully whet your appetite and keep you coming back for more. There really is no end to the beauty, serenity, diversity and joy you can find on your travels through Africa.

You might want to stand on top of the highest dune overlooking the desert in Namibia, be humbled by the sheer size and elegance of a herd of Elephant in Botswana, or enjoy the tropical paradise of Mozambique’s blue waters and white sands. Maybe you would like to kick back and take in the natural beauty of the Western Cape whilst sipping international award winning wines or even take in the raw beauty of Zambia on a bush walk through the untouched reserves.

Where ever your preference may lead you, let us guide you on the journey to your dream holiday.

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