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an authentic African adventure

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Zambia: a country that invites you to discover the true meaning of an authentic African adventure!

The land of the legendary African walking safari; home of the Victoria Falls; the wild Zambezi River; breathtaking lakes and wetlands; an abundant wildlife and raw, pulsating wilderness.

This vast country is characterised by largely untouched and protected wildlife areas, well-known for their expansive grass plains, savannas, Miombo-forests and bushlands.

Two of the largest game reserves, Kafue National Park and the South Luangwa National Park entice you to explore their frontiers. Kafue National Park, the oldest Park in Zambia, is approximately half the size of Switzerland and is renowned for its abundant and untamed wildlife, as well as its magnificent natural surroundings.

The South Luangwa National Park is considered one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world – and with good reason! The concentration of game around the Luangwa River and its ox-bow lagoons is among the most intense in Africa.

To round off your holiday, follow in the footsteps of David Livingstone and experience the splendour of the Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World-Heritage-Site.

The mighty Falls will thrill you with the many activities on offer!

  • River rafting on the Zambezi River;
  • Bungee-jumping into the deep gorge below the Falls;
  • Abseiling;
  • A canoeing safari;
  • Heli-flips;
  • River surfing;
  • Excellent tiger-fishing and so much more!
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